I'm sure this is a trivial mistake but I can't figure it out (first-time plugin dev).

I have my plugin running with all code in the controller and want now follow best practice and move the workhorse code into a service class.

My main plugin code is

namespace ns\yutulic;
use ns\yutulic\models\SettingsModel;
use craft\models\Section;

public function init() {


    self::$plugin = $this;

    $settings = $this->getSettings();
    $settings->sectionOptions = $this->setSectionOptions();

    // Register services
        'videoentries' => \ns\yutulic\services\VideoEntriesService::class,

    $data = $this->videoentries->scanForVideos(null); // works


The relevant controller code is

Class ScanController extends Controller {
    public function actionScanEntries() {
        // Neiter works :-(
        //$data = Yutulic::$plugin->videoentries->scanForVideos($id);
        $data = Yutulic::getInstance()->videoentries->scanForVideos($id); // (*)

And my service code:

namespace ns\yutulic\services;
use ns\yutulic\Yutulic;
use Craft;
use craft\base\Component;

class VideoEntriesService extends Component
    public function scanForVideos($sectionId = null) {
        echo "Works!!!";
        return null;

Even if I use the example of the docs it fails with the same error message on the line indicated (*) in the controller (but with the 'Foo' class name):

Class 'ns\yutulic\Yutulic' not found

This shouldn't be so hard?

  • What's the name and class of your main plugin file?
    – RoussKS
    Commented Feb 19, 2020 at 9:08
  • 1
    @RoussKS That was indeed the problem (see my answer below). I had copied code from an example that was different from all other plugins I reviewed. Eventually it dawned on me that the class name was wrong.
    – Crafty Cat
    Commented Feb 20, 2020 at 22:05
  • It was an instant thought (even though simplistic. Happens to the best of us :) glad you sorted it out.
    – RoussKS
    Commented Feb 21, 2020 at 7:39

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I found the issue. The author of the tutorial I copied my first code from made the unfortunate choice to not use a proper plugin class:

class Plugin extends \craft\base\Plugin { ... }

To fix the problem, I replaced this line with

use Craft;
use craft\base\Plugin;
class Yutulic extends Plugin { ... }

and had to add a reference to the class to my controller and service modules:

use ns\yutulic\Yutulic;

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