I currently have multi site config. One site have 2 locales.
My configuration like so:

'example.com' => array(
    'siteUrl' => array(
        'us_en' => 'https://www.example.com/',
        'br_sp' => 'https://www.example.com/sp'
'example.uk' => array(
    'siteUrl' => array(
        'uk_en' => 'https://www.example.uk/',

I'm using SEOmatic plugin. Hreflang requires all site have to list on the head of page. However, SEO list 2 locales which are us_en and br_sp on a site only. How can I do it?


You're going to want to ensure that all of the sites that are a translation of each other are in the same site group, as detailed here: SEOmatic Multi-Site Language/Locale Support

  • Dose this one support for craft 2? – Nelson Nguyen Feb 18 '20 at 5:25
  • Ah apologies, no -- it's for Craft 3 only. – andrew.welch Feb 18 '20 at 15:40

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