I'm trying to create a new entry from within the database. The section is defined in craft_sections, and the entries for craft_elements, and craft_entries seem correct after the script is run, but no entries are displayed in the UI.

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    I'd suggest not doing it this way, and instead go through the Craft APIs for building out the Craft data structures. Commented Feb 12, 2020 at 20:56
  • I concur, and have shared your recommendation.
    – ponies
    Commented Feb 12, 2020 at 21:03

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If you really, really want to create an entry from within the database (you must have a VERY good reason to do so), then you should create a row in:

  • entries
  • elements
  • elements_sites
  • content

If you'd like the easier path, use Content migrations. Create a migration, and then add something like:

// Create the entry
$myNewEntry = new craft\elements\Entry();
    'title' => 'My new entry',
    'myCustomFieldHandle' => 'Look, I can even set a custom field!',
    'myCustomCategoryFieldHandle' => [$categoryILookedUp->id],

// Save the entry. Everything else will be handled for you by Craft's API.

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