I have a form on the front end which has a category field. I want to display all the options from the category group, by obtaining the categories from the category group.

When i dump the properties of my category field i find the source:

  string(42) "group:67e25f2c-dbb6-4b2d-adb2-18a399a2e21f"

The so from that the category group uid is 67e25f2c-dbb6-4b2d-adb2-18a399a2e21f

I would like to be able to pull all the categories from the category group using the category group uid. But there is no parameter for that. Only the ability to pull it by group or groupId but no groupUid

{% set categories = craft.categories.group(catgroup) %}
{% set categories = craft.categories.groupId(catgroup) %}

Nothing for 
{% set categories = craft.categories.groupUid(catgroup) %}

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