So we have a shipping logic on a site of (yes, that way round)

<  £5.00 => Shipping = £0.00
>= £5.00 => Shipping = £2.50

Currently, we have an issue where sometimes shipping is set to £5.00 (and for the first time seeing it while writing, £7.50) in the cart page. However, updating the cart returns this to the correct £2.50. It seems as though depending on what path I navigate to the cart the shipping is either £2.50, £5, or £7.50. What is happening?! And how can I fix it?

Side question, the shipping shown on checkout can get quite messy, is there a better way to set up our shipping method?

Minimum Order Total  => 5
Maximum Total Shipping => 2.5
Per Item Rate => 2.5

I have a feeling we tried Base Rate => 2.5 but something didn't work properly with it

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