I am building a module to show a job/vacancy-list and the detailpage of a job, the data is fetched from a remote json feed.

Currently I have the following routes to a controller in my module

return [
  'job' => 'job-offers-module/job/process',
  'job/detail' => 'job-offers-module/job/detail',

And loading twig templates eg.

namespace modules\joboffersmodule\controllers;

use Craft;
use craft\web\Controller;
use craft\web\View;

class JobController extends Controller
  protected $allowAnonymous = true;

  public function actionProcess(){
    return \Craft::$app->view->renderTemplate('joblist');
  public function actionDetail(){
    return \Craft::$app->view->renderTemplate('jobdetail');

But I keep getting an error that the entry can not be found... Do I need to register the paths in the module as a handle?

How can I load an entry from my within the module and pass it to the templates?

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To fetch an entry from your module and pass it to a template you can do:

$entry = \craft\elements\Entry::find()->one();
return \Craft::$app->getView()->renderTemplate('path/to/template', ['entry' => $entry]);

Then in your template, you will have access to an entry variable.

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