I have been trying to access craft\commerce\services\Gateways; from a plugin but I can't figure out how I need to access it. I've used the following:

$gateways = Commerce::getInstance()->commerce->getAllGateways();

$gateways = craft\commerce\services\Gateways::getAllGateways();

The first one says Getting unknown property: craft\commerce\Plugin::commerce and the second one tells me Non-static method craft\commerce\services\Gateways::getAllGateways() should not be called statically

Can anyone tell me the proper way of doing this? Thanks!

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Figured it out:

use craft\commerce\Plugin as Commerce;

$gatewayService = Commerce::getInstance()->getGateways();
$variables = [
    'gateways' => $gatewayService->getAllGateways(),
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    FYI: This pattern is a product of Plugins being "singleton" classes, and their instances having Services attached as components, sometimes with special "getter" methods (i.e. ->getGateways()). In most Plugins, it's safe to try MyPlugin::getInstance()->serviceName->methodName(); Jan 8, 2020 at 20:21
  • So, this probably would have worked as well and I just didn't think of it? $gateways = Commerce::getInstance()->commerce->getGateways()->getAllGateways();? Jan 8, 2020 at 21:42
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    No, you've already got a reference to the plugin instance from Commerce::getInstance()—the commerce property wouldn't exist. Just Commerce::getInstance()->getGateways()->getAllGateways() will do! You might be thinking of the way you get access to Commerce services via Twig ({% set gateways = craft.commerce.gateways.getAllGateways() %}, but this is specific to the templating environment (craft is just a variable that you can hang functionality on, and a lot of plugins attach their singleton instance there). Jan 9, 2020 at 3:25

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