This is my code:

$giveaway = Craft::$app->globals->getSetByHandle('promotions');
$giveaway->giveawayName = "New Name";
$success = Craft::$app->globals->saveSet($giveaway);

Controller returns true, but no changes have been made to the "promotions" global set. What have I missed?

  • saveSet will save the Global's settings/fields. See here to save content.
    – Oli
    Jan 7 '20 at 16:26

Oli’s comment is mostly right, but I think the solution is event simpler—the method you discovered is specifically for saving the GlobalSet settings/definition (like its name, handle, and the fields it uses), but what you're looking for is a more generic method for saving the Element that contains the actual content (as though you were updating it from the main Globals menu in the CP):

// Generic save method for any Element type, including Globals:


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