I have a JSON feed which contains an external URL like "https://example.com" (entries/external_link/url). There is no error in feed-me logs when I run it, all the text data and assets are imported without any problems. Except for my URL field. I get "[ ]" instead of "https://example.com".

Any help on this ?

JSON exemple

    "entries": [
            "id": "140",
            "type": "regular",
            "title": "Banner import title (fr)",
            "subtitle": "Banner import subtitle (fr)",
            "body": "<p>Banner import body&nbsp;(fr)</p>",
            "internal_link": [{
                "type": "node",
                "title": "test",
                "id": "6",
                "cta": "Banner import link text (fr)"
            "external_link": {
                "cta": "Banner import link text (fr)",
                "url": "https://example.com"
            "images": [{
                "url": "",
                "caption": ""
            "placements": [],
            "postdate": "2019/12/10",
            "status": "1"
    "nextPage": "",
    "length": 20,
    "totallength": 23

Additional info

  • Plugin version: 4.1.2
  • Craft version: 3.3.17

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Have you tried to make external_link an array?

"external_link": [{
    "cta": "Banner import link text (fr)",
    "url": "https://example.com"
  • Yes I did try that but I've got the same result... Anyway thanks for your answer. Dec 11, 2019 at 11:58

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