I am using the wheel-form plugin to populate a custom db table. I am retrieving the existing form data (if it exists), from inside the action controller and passing them as a variable to the template.

I was thinking that I could just use the merge filter to update the 'value' for the wheel-form field as the template iterates through each of the form fields to render them. However, the field is a non-transversable object.

To get around this, I was thinking that I could create a custom twig extension to act as a 'setter', but I don't know how to pass in the field object and variable in such a way that the extension will know about the object. I also don't even how I would set the value in this case.

I'm using the standard wheel-form template example, my action works and renders the form. The call-back to the original controller action also works.

FYI, I'm doing all of this in a custom craft module.


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