I am trying to implement Algolia into Craft 3 and am having a few headaches.

I am using scout to update my indexes which seems to be working as expected and am using the instantsearch.js implementation of Algolia.

I am getting stuck at the templating part and I want to output HTML that includes fields from my Algolia index and fields from craft.

My template looks like the below so far

 templates: {
  item:`<article class="">
    <p class="spaced-caps-dark-blue no-margin-top">Professional</p>
    <h5 itemprop="headline" class="link-text-large"><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></h5>
     <i class="far fa-eye"> {{ entry.totalViews }}</i>   {% set starsRating  = {{entry.rating}} %}

And I am getting my title and URL from algolia as expected but is it possible to return field values from Craft as well? I want to get my totalViews and rating values from craft as it would quickly ramp up my number of operations in Algolia if I constantly update these values through scout.

I have looked at the Algolia plugin but need more help then the documentation provides and there isn't much information availble via Google on using algoolia with Craft CMS.

Many thanks!

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