I have an image in a matrix-field, but can't get the url from it. dump(block.image.one().url) says NULL. My code is:

{% if entry.hero %}
  {% for block in entry.hero %}
    {% if block.type == 'hero' %}
      {% set heroImage = block.image.one() %}
      <div class="cell hero center padding-1" style="background-image: url({{ heroImage.url }});">
    {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

image.one() or image.first(), as well as .url or .getUrl() doesn't work the same.

What works though is {{ block.image.one().folderPath }}{{ block.image.one().filename }}

Does anyone know why? I'm on Craft CMS 3.3.15

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    Does the volume where your asset is have public urls enabled? – Seb Nov 28 '19 at 9:37
  • That's it, thanks! – Niko Nov 28 '19 at 10:16

The asset volume needs to have public urls enabled. Thanks seb.

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