I've been working module concept, using Wheel-Form. I can use the Wheel-Form(WF) plugin to save forms in the WF database, so the basic functionality is working.

I want to: 1) use Wheel-Form to allow admin users to create/modify WFs. 2) use WF hidden class fields to pass classes for styling. 3) Use a module/controller action to preprocess the request/parameters and render the WF, passing any additional variables to the renderTemplate. 4) Then, on-save, process the form data, turn part of it into json and save it to my database. I was able to do steps 1-3, but step 4 fails, here's my action function:

    public function actionIndex()
    $result = $_GET;
    //Need to do some db stuff here to retrieve the form id and such from a database
    Craft::$app->view->setTemplatesPath(CRAFT_BASE_PATH. '/modules/cceflexiformmodule/src/templates/');
    //Pass $_Get and other variables in the Render
    return Craft::$app->getView()->renderTemplate('candidate-intake.twig',$result);


The form renders properly but the Submit button returns this error: HTTP 400 – Bad Request – yii\web\BadRequestHttpException - Unable to verify your data submission.

Is the 'submit' happening under a different session or something?

Is it better to render the WF from the Craft entry and use javascript to call actions in my module controller? I have a feeling that the submit button would work. WF allows you to create a helper class that can be called with an event() after or before the form is committed.


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