Good morning and thank you in advance. How can I replace '#' with the entry.title. I have tried everything and I keep getting hash errors. Current code is this:

<h3>{{ wordBoldTitle|replace({'#':'<strong class="font-weight-extra-bold">{{entry.title}}</strong>'} )|raw }}</h3>

Trying to concatenate the with the entry.title.


In Twig, you never want to use delimiters inside other delimiters (e.g. {{ ... {{ ... }} }}).

Here's how you would format it instead:

<h3>{{ wordBoldTitle | replace('#', '<strong class="font-weight-extra-bold">' ~ entry.title ~ '</strong>') | raw }}</h3>

What we're doing here is using Twig concatenation (via the ~ operator) to combine our first string (<strong class="font-weight-extra-bold">), whatever string entry.title results in, and then our second string (</strong>).

Alternatively we can use string interpolation to achieve this; however string interpolation requires double-quotes, so to do this we'll need to escape the double quotes already in our string:

<h3>{{ wordBoldTitle | replace("#", "<strong class=\"font-weight-extra-bold\">${entry.title}</strong>") | raw }}</h3>

I also changed your replace filter from using a hash (e.g. {'#':'xxx'} to the simpler (at least in this case) comma-separated parameters. The hash works well if you need to replace multiple items, but the comma-separated parameters looks cleaner in my opinion when you only need to replace one item. You can find more about the replace filter formatting here.

  • Works like a charm. Thank you
    – Jason
    Nov 20 '19 at 16:12

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