We are migrating users from a e-commerce site to a new craft commerce 2.x site.

Apparently it's a little too confusing for our customers to use the "forgot password" link to obtain a new password.

So our idea was to send them an email with their username and a link where they can directly set their password.

e.g. "user1", "https://mysite.com/actions/users/set-password?code=qwaZDk6mSa0tbnLBx8U4WkTnTBclK1ZZ&id=779e05ca-5c39-4f66-a56c-9a431bd0b355"

Is it possible to obtain these links programmatically.

We have about 800 users, so copy/pasting them would be very tedious.

any hints?


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Given a list of elements/User that you want to get the password reset URL for, you can loop through them and call this for each one:

$url = Craft::$app->getUsers()->getPasswordResetUrl($user)'
  • Hi, I wanted to do this in a template. I've discovered that the password reset link is a combination of the "uid" and a code: /actions/users/set-password?code=<code>&id=<uid>. I can fetch the uid with the following code: {% set users = craft.users().status(null).addSelect(['users.uid']).all() %}, but where does this "code" come from?
    – outline4
    Nov 18, 2019 at 10:56
  • 1
    I am sorry... I've discovered that you can use: {{ craft.app.getUsers.getPasswordResetUrl(user) }}. Works like a charm! Thanks!
    – outline4
    Nov 18, 2019 at 11:22

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