How do I add an H2 tag to a page? The site already runs many months now. All pages are okay but some are lacking an h2 tag. Is there a simple way to add an h2 tag to these pages?

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All of the templates that generate the HTML files for the front-end of your site will live in the templates folder on the server Craft is installed on.

You can edit the HTML there to add <h2> tags anywhere you wish.

The most important thing to note about Craft CMS is it is a platform used to build bespoke solutions for clients. It is light on traditional "out-of-the-box" features and instead provides developers with a modern toolset and content teams with a great author experience. In practice, this means that every Craft site is made specifically for the client which is great and why clients and developers love us.

Here are a bunch of learning resources that should help get you up to speed quickly.

Craft Official Docs & Support:

  • Craft CMS docs - The official Craft CMS documentation
  • Support Services - Both free and paid first-party support options.
  • Craft Discord group - The Craft development team is in Discord every day along with thousands of other Craft developers and users from all over the world.
  • Craft Stack Exchange - The best place to ask "how do I" type questions. Our development team monitors Craft Stack Exchange on a regular basis.

Learn Craft:

  • CraftQuest - CraftQuest is our official education and training partner. They have a number of excellent free and paid resources for Craft CMS & Craft Commerce. Ryan Irelan, Mijingo's founder, also offers customized training online or on-site.
  • Tuts+ Tutorials - Not official but [very good and low cost].
  • nystudio107 Blog — Andrew Welch is one of the best Craft developers around and the creator of the popular SEOmatic plugin. His regularly posts some excellent developer-oriented posts on Craft and web development.

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