Asset organization "best practice" question: for a new site, I had planned to reuse as many fields as possible between sections. Now I see that means that I'm not able to separate uploads from different sections into asset volumes (although I can use dynamic vars to create subfolders in a volume). I'm not overly worried about restricting access to files between different sections or having to upload multiple times if the same file is needed in different places.

  1. Wondering if anyone has advice based on the way they like to set up sites. I know that different sites need different treatment, and it seems like the reasons boil down to either creating asset volumes for usage/functional reasons (image transforms, file size limitations, permissions, etc) or for ease of organization (human readability). When you create sites, do you make multiple different asset volumes with different fields, or share the volumes and fields between sections (using dynamic subfolders when needed)?

  2. Also thinking about moving to S3. If you use separate asset volumes on S3, do you map these to different folders in a single bucket or different buckets altogether? Thanks for any guidance.

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