I have a requirement where I need to display entries from one channel, but entries get might show up 5 days after post date, show up if externalListingOnly or show up immediately if internalAndExternalImmediately

I've got this working with the following code:

{# show only entries more than 5 days old #}
{% set dateRestriction = now|date_modify('5:00 -5 days') %}
{% set postDateParam = '< ' ~ dateRestriction|date('U') %}{#'M d, Y'#}

{# get entries that are added after 5 days after postDate #}
{% set entriesDelayed5 = craft.entries.section('careers')
  .all() %}

{# get entries that are only external #}
{% set entriesExternal = 
  .all() %}

{# get entries that are internal and external immediately #}
{% set entriesBoth = 
  .all() %}

{% set entries = [] %}
{# merge all options here #}
{% set entries = entries|merge(entriesDelayed5)|merge(entriesExternal)|merge(entriesBoth)| supersort('sortAs', '{title}') %}

{# {% for entry in craft.entries.section('careers').orderBy('title').postDate(postDateParam).all() %} #}
{% for entry in entries %}
{% endfor %}

However the entries display in the order that they are merged in and I need them to display alphabetically by Title

I tried the supersort plugin but got a php error about being nested too deep. Not sure why or how to resolve that.

Please advise.

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