We have fields, including a matrix field, that is set to "Save blocks to other sites in the same group". This means when we edit our English group, only sites in that group are edited, so they all show the same content which is great. And then other non-English, like French etc, would keep their own content.

A problem we have is when creating a new entry it means all the other groups dont even have any data created in the first place. So if you have matrix field with lots of rows then nothing is created and it takes ages to then re-build the matrix rows befoe we can start to translate. It would help if its all already created from the first entry.

So what we would like is when creating the entry to still create all the same content fields as in the entry you create it, into the other groups, but then on edit to respect the setting "Save blocks to other sites in the same group".

Anyone know if this is possible?


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