For my form plugin I'm using a global set of fields. These can be set in 2 languages default and en.

Problem is whenever I try to output them I cant dynamically make them use the current site locale/multi-site.

This is the current code:

$localeHandle = Craft::$app->getSites()->getCurrentSite()->handle;
    // form texts
    $entries = GlobalSet::find()

If $localeHandle is set to either default or en it works. I cant figure out how to get the handle though. Documentation doesn't state anything either.

Edit: Craft::$app->getSites()->getCurrentSite()->handle; returns the default site handle.

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I don't know if this was the problem you were having but I was not including the site's first URL segment like /en/ (in your example) with the controller action URL. So you'd want to post to /en/actions/pluginHandle/controllerClass/actionMethod to get the English site back when using Craft::$app->getSites()->getCurrentSite() in your plugin.

I posted a more thorough answer to the same problem in another ticket: https://craftcms.stackexchange.com/a/33941/4433

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