I am looking to output categories in a level hierarchical format.

I have multiple categories, with different levels of categories. Entries can be related to different levels of those categories.

Here is an example of categories setup in the CMS

 - TV & Home Theater
     - TVs
    |   |
    |    - HD
    |   |
    |    - 4K
     - Streaming Media Players

I want to be able to output the hierarchical format for the categories related in the entries.

For example I would want to output

hierarchicalCategories: [
        lvl0: "TV & Home Theater",
        lvl1: "TVs",
        lvl2: "4K"
        lvl0: "TV & Home Theater",
        lvl1: "Streaming Media Players"

The project has a number of top level categories with no format for child categories, some may have no children, others may have 2 or 3.

What is the best way to output this type of category hierarchy?

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