Module loads and controller actions work. Craft 3.3.7.

I'm trying to find out what is the path to use to render the view.

From the Doc:

return $this->renderTemplate('plugin-handle/path/to/template', $variables);


What I have and doesn't work:

return Craft::$app->getView()->renderTemplate('subscribing-module/src/views/default/index',['mypost' => $request]);

Returned error for above: Unable to find the template “subscribing-module/src/views/default/index”.

Here is the direct path from the root of the website: modules/subscribingmodule/src/views/default/index.php

Bootstrap in config/app.php:

'bootstrap' => ['subscribing-module'],

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The correct path would be

return Craft::$app->getView()->renderTemplate('subscribing-module/templates/default',['mypost' => $request]);

And the file lives in modules/subscribingmodule/src/templates/default/index.twig

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