Is it possible to make Craft 3 load a custom translation/language file? Even if not using multisite or locales?

My use case for this is just to change the way certain things are said. E.g. 'Invalid username or password.' => 'Invalid username or password.', when a user logs in. I wanted to be a bit more descriptive on this.

I can see the translation files in vendor/craftcms/cms/src/translations/[language code here] so I assume theres a way of adding bespoke ones to this, but outside of the vendor folder.

I just can't find it in the docs.


You are looking for Static Translations.

You can add a translation file for English to English (or whatever language you are using) to override default translations. In your case, you'll want to override the app translation category:

In your project folder:

└── translations/
    └── en/
        └── app.php

And in app.php:


return [
    'Invalid username or password.' => 'Something new'
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  • Thanks! I managed to fix it by doing this. My issue was I was calling the file site.php not app.php. Doh. – Jason Mayo Oct 7 '19 at 10:49

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