I am trying to integrate PayPal Pro into Craft Commerce, I have my API details added to the payment gateway and I have disabled test mode. I know these keys work as they have been used before.

On checkout, when I have PayPal Pro selected as a payment method, I receive an error "Invalid payment or order. Please review." when I press checkout.

I have two questions;

  1. Could anyone give me an idea as to why this payment gateway isn't working but the other payment gateways are working fine? Maybe I'm making a common mistake somewhere.

  2. Are there any ways of dumping out errors, the flash errors don't seem to provide any detail which is making debugging this issue difficult.


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Have you tried looking at commerce.log in storage/logs? (With Craft 3/Commerce 2 there is no commerce.log - you'll need to comb through the general web.log)


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