I’m looping through some text fields on the form results page and need to order the numerical output from low to high.

How would I do this using twig?

{% for field in submission %}
  {% submission[field.handle].value %}
{% endfor %}

Note: I am using the Freeform Plugin. They have informed me that I would need to create a custom filter but before I do that wanted to see if there was a better way to do this.


It's an extra plugin but SuperSort would do the job - https://github.com/TopShelfCraft/SuperSort

Edit - couldn't make it work in one go, but this works: {% set results = [] %} {% for field in submission %} {% set results = results | merge([{'handle': field.handle, 'value': submission[field.handle].value}]) %} {% endfor %} {% set sortedResults = results | supersort('sortAs', '{value}', SORT_NUMERIC) %}

Not the most elegant, let me know if you find a better solution!

  • Thanks, Seb - it isn't that clear how we would use the plugin in this scenario though. – Dan Lee Sep 23 at 9:42
  • Would the following be correct? {% for field in submission | supersort('sortAs', 'submission[field.handle].value', SORT_NUMERIC) %} – Dan Lee Sep 23 at 10:50
  • yes though I believe you need to use the twig delimiters, and use object (untested): {% set sortedSubmission = submission | supersort('sortAs', '{{ submission[object.handle].value }}', SORT_NUMERIC) %} – Seb Sep 23 at 20:35
  • actually this doesn't work, just edited my answer above with another solution – Seb Sep 23 at 21:06
  • Thanks - I get an "Array to string conversion" error when adding this line: {% set sortedResults = results | supersort('sortAs', '{value}', SORT_NUMERIC) %} – Dan Lee Sep 24 at 8:04

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