I'm trying to upgrade my website to Craft 3 and can't resolve one issue with this piece of code:

{% for category in craft.categories.group('blogCategories').order('title') %}
   <li><a href="{{ category.url }}" class="button {{ entry.blogCategory.one().id == category.id ? 'light': 'primary' }}">{{ category.title }}</a></li>
{% endfor %}

I get the following error:

Twig Runtime Error – Twig\Error\RuntimeError Impossible to access an attribute ("id") on a null variable.

I can't find any information in Changes in Craft 3, but I bet there's a new way of getting the category ID of the current post and the entry.blogCategory.one().id won't work anymore?

Any ideas?


Ok, so it came out that the post I used for testing wasn't assigned to any category and that was causing the exception.

I added a validation for checking if the category is defined:

{{ (entry.blogCategory.one().id is defined and entry.blogCategory.one().id is not null) and entry.blogCategory.one().id == category.id ? 'light': 'primary' }}">{{ category.title }}</a></li>

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