I am trying to add new lines into a SuperTable field of an entry from my plugin. Following the Developper sample, I am able to change set lines to this SuperTable field. But it is replacing the existing content. What should I do to be able to keep existing lines in my SuperTable and add new ones? Thanks for your help!

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Got it!

In case you just want to add lines (or Blocks) to a SuperTable field of an entry, no need to update the entry itself, you "just" have to create new Blocks with correct type, field and entry.

    $field = craft()->fields->getFieldByHandle('mySuperTableField');
    $blockTypes = craft()->superTable->getBlockTypesByFieldId($field->id);
    $blockType = $blockTypes[0]; //Only 1 Type of Blocks in the SuperTable
    $typeId = $blockType['id'];

    $block = new SuperTable_BlockModel();
    $block->fieldId = $field->id;
    $block->typeId = $typeId;
    $block->ownerId = $entryId; //this is the entry id

        'categoryOne' => [$catOne->id],
        'categoryTwo' => [$catTwo->id],
        'textField' => 'blablable...'

    $success = craft()->superTable->saveBlock($block);

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