I'm trying to upgrade my website to Craft 3, so I've imported all template files and installed the necessary plugins, but I can't deal with one error.

I've got a template named _layout.twig, and the first line used to import macros from other file called _helpers.twig. For some reason this doesn't work on Craft 3 - I checked in Twig documentation and it seems that everything is correct. I reviewed the changes in Craft 3 but didn't find anything related there. Running Craft 3.3 with Twig 2.11.3.


{% import '_common/_helpers' as helpers %}
{{ helpers }}


Twig Runtime Error – Twig\Error\RuntimeError Variable "helpers" does not exist.

in /craft3/templates/_layout.twig at line 2

Any ideas what can be the issue here?

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I think you need to reference a macro name inside of your _common/_helpers file.

For example:

{{ helpers.input('username') }}

That would output a macro called input:

{% macro input(name, value, type = "text", size = 20) %}
    <input type="{{ type }}" name="{{ name }}" value="{{ value|e }}" size="{{ size }}" />
{% endmacro %}

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