I'm updating a Craft 2 plugin to Craft 3 and I'm having difficulties getting the Regex URLs working correctly. The eocs I'm using: Craft3 Docs
I used pluginfactory.io to create the basic craft3 plugin scaffold.
For context: the plugin name is expedweather.

This is the Route I'm trying to register:

$map_page = 'data/<range:\w+>/<peak:\w+>/<view:\w+>/<parameter:\w+>';
$event->rules[$map_page] = 'expedweather/forecastPanel';

In my DefaultController.php I've got this:

protected $allowAnonymous = ['index', 'forecast-panel'];

And I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here but All I get is

HTTP 404 – Not Found – yii\web\NotFoundHttpException Page not found. ↵ Caused by: Invalid Route – yii\base\InvalidRouteException

I've made sure the plugin is enabled in the backstage.

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Update I was able to solve half of my Problem:

Seems the Regex didn't like the "pure" slashes / in the URL between the parameters, once I escaped those, through backslashes like this: \/ it no longer gave me a yii\base\InvalidRouteException.

The new Problem I have now is that it can't find the action I'm referring to, see below:

// Path of File: ./src/Expedweather.php; in EVENT_REGISTER_SITE_URL_RULES

$map_page = 'data\/<range:\w+>\/<peak:\w+>\/<view:\w+>\/<parameter:\w+>';
$event->rules[$map_page] = 'expedweather/forecast-panel';

// Exert from ./src/controllers/DefaultController:
protected $allowAnonymous = ['index', 'forecast-panel'];
public function actionForecastPanel() {...}

An additional piece of info: I'm able to route to the DefaultController's index Function by removing /forecast-panel from the target action.

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