I am using a plugin to fetch Entry elements based on various criteria (eg to produce an array based on \craft\elements\Entry::find()).

The section I am querying features a number of related categories that I want to filter the entries by. So far so good …

However where am hitting issues is wanting to sort the results based on the related categories.

I can see the SuperSort plugin has a helper method that should enable this but am struggling to get it to work.

For example, if I try

$results = SuperSort::$plugin->sorter->superSort($results, 'asort', '{{ object.country.first.title }}', 'SORT_REGULAR');

where $results is the array of results from my Entries query and country is the field for selecting the country category I get the following error:

level too deep - recursive dependency

Can the SuperSort method be used in a plugin in conjunction with related Elements or is this only for use via twig?

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