I'm new to Craft 2, and I created about 20 new form fields in the Settings>Content>Fields section. I created a new group for them to go in.

Then, I went to create a new Form, but I cannot see those new form fields.

Is there a way to see them? Thanks

  • Can you elaborate on how you are creating a new form? Did you create a section for form entries? – Seth Warburton Aug 27 '19 at 11:30
  • Thanks. Yes, our website has the Forms (1.7.0) plugin by A&M Impact. In the left hand navigation in admin, there is a 'Forms' link, with a sublink for 'submissions,' 'forms,' etc. I click on the 'forms' sublink and construct a form, and there is a 'fields' tab, which I click. The page I see has 6 'fieldsets,' but there are none of the fields I created in 'settings>content>fields.' Thanks for any help. – buck1112 Aug 27 '19 at 15:39

As noted in the documentation for AM Forms the fields that are created for forms

…are stored in a different context / scope than Craft's fields.

and that;

…they won't be shown in Craft's field list.

I assume that the reverse is then also true, so fields created in Craft will not be visible in the plugin.

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