I'm looking to setup a profile page, displaying a users details (address etc) and they're current membership status (which will be down the Stripe Payments plugin.)

I'm having some trouble getting the routes / template to work properly. I have set a new route user/* -> user/_user

I have then created that template and set a 'Manage Account' link with

{% set users = craft.users %}
{% for user in users %}
<a href="/user/{{ user.username }}">Manage Account</a>
{% endfor %}

However, I'm being told the template doesn't exist. I'm not sure at which part the template is not being found - is the route or the link incorrect?

Appreciate anyone's help!


It sounds like a routing issue, the route should look like:

'user/*' =>  ['template' => 'user/_user']
  • Thank you! That helped solve it!
    – tommysvr
    Aug 21 '19 at 11:55

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