In the CraftCMS admin page at /admin/entries/, there is a search bar at the top:

Search bar in CMS

This search bar appears to only search the Body field of Entries.

Is it possible to make this search bar match against the Title field too?

Eg. I have an Entry titled "Example Entry" with a body of "Testing 1 2 3". If I search for "Testing", my Entry will show in the search results. If I search for "Example", my Entry will not show. I would like my Entry to show for the search term "Example"


It does search for the title by default.

I'm assuming you're on MySQL for the database. The searchindex table uses the MyISAM storage engine by default and example happens to be of the default MySQL MyISAM stopwords: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/fulltext-stopwords.html (see "Stopwords for MyISAM Search Indexes"), which it will skip.

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