I am trying to upgrade from craft 2 to craft 3 and having a 503 error problem on ONLY ONE of the sub-domains.

we are running nginx on Ubuntu on this server.

we have 2 sub domains (www.domain.com & kb.domain.com) which are managed via craft. Each sub domain has a separate vhost config file in nginx and folder structure looks like this

├── www.domain.com/
│   ├── craft
│   ├── public
│   ├── templates
│   └── 
├── kb.domain.com/
│   ├── public

index.php in public folder in kb.domain.com points to craft installation and the root template file.

After upgrading to craft 3, www.domain.com works fine but kb.domain.com generates following 503 error

HTTP 503 – Service Unavailable – craft\web\ServiceUnavailableHttpException 1. in /home/forge/www.domain.com/vendor/craftcms/cms/src/web/Controller.php at line 163 2. in /home/forge/www.domain.com/vendor/craftcms/cms/src/controllers/TemplatesController.php at line 72 – craft\web\Controller::beforeAction(yii\base\InlineAction) 66676869707172737475767778 $this->allowAnonymous = self::ALLOW_ANONYMOUS_LIVE | self::ALLOW_ANONYMOUS_OFFLINE; } else if ($request->getIsSiteRequest()) { $this->allowAnonymous = self::ALLOW_ANONYMOUS_LIVE; } }

This error can be eliminated if I login to craft control panel at the following URL kb.domain.com/admin.

When logged in to CP, there is no 503 error and template loads fine for kb.domain.com

As soon as I log out from CP, 503 error appears again.

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