Having a bit of a brainfart here... If hotspotCategory is my entry's categoryfield and that category group has nested categories, how do I return only the top level categories?

{% set entryCats = entry.hotspotCategory %}
{% if entryCats | length %}
    <span class="filter_cat">
       {% for cat in entryCats %}
          {{ cat.title }} {% if not loop.last %}, {% endif %}
       {% endfor %}
 {% endif %} 

this works but if I do something like

{% set entryCats = entry.hotspotCategory.level(1).all() %}

I get an

Impossible to invoke a method ("level") on an array.


What am I missing here?

To clarify: my entry has the following categories attached (slow & fast food are subcategories):

- food & dining
--- slow food
--- fast food

Now, on the entry page I only want to display the top level category, not the subcategories.


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You might want the siblings of the selected Category via siblingOf - I think you'll need to do this with two steps.


You have to get the first level and then you have to loop through them.

{% set query = craft.categories().group('YOUR_CATEGORY').level(1) %}

{# Execute the query and get the results #}
{% set entries = query.all() %}

{% for entry in entries %}
   {{ entry.title }}
{% endif %}

This will output only the first level of the category tree.


Turns out my issue was that I was lazy-loading hotspotCategory which returns an array, making .level(1) impossible. Once removed from the lazyloading everything worked as expected.

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