Is it possible to add a max character limit to CKEditor, Redactor, or any other rich text, or WYSIWYG plugin??

I've searched around, and I'm surprised that I have not been able to find a solution. Seems like a pretty basic feature. I would like to not have to use a third-party plugin for this one thing. But if that's the only way to do it, please indicate that. Thank you!

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It works for me, just changing the config file:

  "buttons": ["html", "bold", "italic"],
  "plugins": ["fullscreen", "**limiter**", "counter"],
  "linkNewTab": true,
  "toolbarFixed": true,
  **"limiter": 235**

Imperavi, creators of Redactor provide the Limiter plugin to add this functionality but you would need to create a Craft plugin to add the JS, as detailed in this answer.

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