I'm attempting to get craft running as a container on AWS' ECS service. One issue I'm trying to resolve is that the image needs to have a persistent storage block associated with the service for the admin/control panel.

I've set up an EBS volume within the service definition as a shared resource between task deployments (so the volume sticks around). However, I'm running into issues. When attempting to add image assets to the instance I get the error

Upload failed. The error message was: “getFileList() is not implemented.”

The root cause of this error seems to be something along the lines of this related SE post Update Asset Indexes gives "getFileList() is not implemented"

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

  • Are you defining the Asset Volume in Craft as a local volume? The error indicates that Craft can't find the volume that's been defined. – Brad Bell Aug 9 at 19:27

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