I'm evaluating CraftCMS for a project and trying to wrap my head around how translations are supposed to work. From my understanding, there are two kind of translations:

  1. Static translation for template files
  2. Dynamic translation for content

I realize when testing this out, actually dealing with a lot of translations where it will also be made in bulk (changes will be made to the original language, then wait for translations for other languages) is gonna be really cumbersome to do manually.

"Feed Me" seems to work for importing content (and, I assume, overwriting as well?), but I haven't found any good way to actually export content in order to produce the importable content, preferably also using some human-interactable format (spreadsheet?). Basically I would like to export the site that is in the "main" language, and later on be able to import content for all the other sites (together or individually).

Does this exist? I have searched for plugins that could help me, found nothing. Seen links about now defunct plugins (Craft 2) that seemed to provide similar functionality. Is no one doing this? Or is it simple enough to just make a simple script that can dump the content from DB, but I'm struggling to understand the relationship between content, element, fieldLayoutId and how it all ties to the actual entry.

Do I need to make my own plugin for this? How do people do it? I don't want to use a translation agency (like the the acclaro plugin, also don't want to spend $999 just to export/import XML), enupal plugin sounded nice, until I realized that it was just for static resources...

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