I have created a custom adjuster, there is a surcharge per item if a customer has selected rush delivery. But i need to charge tax on that adjuster. Below is code:

public function adjust(Order $order): array
    $adjustments = [];

    foreach ($order->getLineItems() as $item) {
        $adjustment = new OrderAdjustment;
        $adjustment->type = 'rush-delivery';
        $adjustment->name = 'Rush Delivery';
        $adjustment->description = 'Rush Delivery';
        $adjustment->sourceSnapshot = ['data' => 'value']; // This can contain information about how the adjustment came to be
        $adjustment->amount = 1;

        $adjustments[] = $adjustment;

    return $adjustments;

But tax is not added to the £1 i am adding here. How can i get tax to be added or calculated as included?


Having slept on it i thought it could be something to do with the order of the adjusters. Maybe Tax was applying to the price before my custom adjuster. So in the event i did the following:


This told me that my custom adjuster was going to the bottom of this array. To resolve this i used the php function array_unshift to push it to the front of the array


This now gave me the following array:

array(4) {
      string(18) "modules\MyAdjuster"
      string(33) "craft\commerce\adjusters\Shipping"
      string(33) "craft\commerce\adjusters\Discount"
      string(28) "craft\commerce\adjusters\Tax"

As you can see the adjuster is at the front of the array and now the tax applies to the fee as required.

  • When you say "in the event" do you mean EVENT_REGISTER_ORDER_ADJUSTERS? Mar 6 '20 at 15:31

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