The footer of my site has some links that can be considered "static" in the sense that they always should point to a specific entry. One for "acknowledgements", one for "cookie info" and one for "more contact info".

What is the recommended way to assign entries to these three "roles"? I need it to work in a multi-site envionment.


This sounds like a perfect use case for an Entries field in a Global.

I'd create a field called "Footer Links". At the bottom of the field settings page, expand the Advanced area and enable Manage relations on a per-site basis. This will allow you to have different links for each of your sites, if you wish.

  • Ah, of course. You are so right. I thought too that Globals would be the answer, but I could not see that Globals supported a multi-site environment. Now that I looked an extra time- I see it clearly. Thanks for guiding me ;-) – nitech Aug 6 '19 at 9:05

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