I have a Craft CMS instance that I created a copy of by tarring up the folder and then dumping the mysql database and then transferring that to a different server. On the target server I restored the folder and the database. When I attempt to access the instance, I get an error in the Apache logs:

[Mon Jul 29 15:48:01.415795 2019] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to a member function run() on integer in /var/www/html/bsf_public/craft/app/index.php:73\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/html/bsf_public/public/index.php(19): require_once()\n#1 {main}\n  thrown in /var/www/html/bsf_public/craft/app/index.php on line 73\n'

I have spent multiple hours chasing the errors. A phpinfo() call in a file works so I know that PHP is properly configured. So I focused on line 73 of the index.php file referenced in the error message. It has these lines (in addition to others):

// Load and run Craft
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

$app = require 'bootstrap.php';

$app is returning a value of 1. bootstrap.php has these final lines of code:

$appClass = '\Craft\WebApp';
$app = new $appClass($config);

return $app;

I can't quite figure out why the bootstrap.php is returning a 1 which is why the error message occurs. I found one other instance of this being reported in a PHP app but the post had no resolution.

Maybe a Craft CMS guru can point me the right direction although I'll bet it is some kind of permissions or PHP issue. I checked the PHP files and they all have execute permissions.

Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS

5.7.26 MySQL

PHP 7.1.29 (cli) (built: May 3 2019 09:33:57) ( NTS )

Craft CMS 2.7.5


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In my particular case, I downgraded the Bitnami LAMP stack using instructions found here: https://community.bitnami.com/t/how-can-i-downgrade-to-php-5-6-from-php-7-0/51792

The downgrade fixed the issue although, had I seen Brad's answer before that, no doubt I could have fixed it using those posts....

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