I am trying to figure out how to add alt image tags to my photos. I was under the impression that the "file name" served as the alt image tag in Craft CMS, but no such alt tags are populating...and furthermore...I really have no idea where I can add them. Can I do this from the assets field?


Out of the box, you can use the image "Title" as alt text. Since it is already configured - you don't need to add any additional fields. Then you can output this in your twig template as:

{% set image = image.yourImageField.one() %}
<img src="image.url" alt={{ image.title }}">

For semantics, you may not want to use the "Title" field. Or, you may be using "Title" for something else. In that case, you can add a new text field to your asset called "Alt Text". It will then appear right below "Title" in your image/asset editing dialogue.

{% set image = image.yourImageField.one() %}
<img src="image.url" alt={{ image.altText }}">

enter image description here

  • Thank you very much - one more question if you don't mind. How do I update the twig template? – jason Jul 29 '19 at 20:22

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