I have a checkbox field for dining cuisine types and I see that the checked options are stored as a JSON-encoded array in the content table. If I have an element that uses this field, is there a way I can just get that JSON-encoded value as an array in PHP? Any time I try to get the value of the field, I'm getting the entire MultiOptionsFieldData object which isn't desired in this case. I just want that array of checked values that's stored in the corresponding content table column.

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I don't want to write any loops. I just want access to that actual column value from my element in PHP.

I don't want to write any additional queries to get that column value either. Surely, there must be a way to get the actual field value for checkbox fields. Right?

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MultiOptionsFieldData extends PHP's ArrayObject class.

You could get the values from it by casting it to an array like so:

$results = (array)$mofd;

That would give you an array of OptionData classes. If you really didn't want to loop through them, you could do something like:

$func = static function($ofd) {
    return $ofd->value;

$results = array_map($func, (array)$mofd);
  • Yeah, getting the array of OptionData instances was as close as I got but I was hoping for just the array of string values. Thanks, Brad. I think a method to obtain the raw value on the MultiOptionsFieldData class might be helpful in situations like this. Maybe something like: $entry->getFieldValue('diningCuisine')->rawValue() Commented Jul 29, 2019 at 20:15

Another option for getting the string values as an array after typecasting the MultiOptionsFieldData object as an array:

$values = ArrayHelper::getColumn(ArrayHelper::toArray( (array) $entry->getFieldValue('diningCuisine') ), 'value');

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