Hi hoping for a quick resolution on this as a lot of scripting relies upon it. I have an array:

{% set furniture = [
         'name': 'chair',
         'price': '100'
         'name': 'bench',
         'price': '500'

and I'm trying to sort it by price:

{% set sorted = furniture|multisort(['price'],['SORT_DESC'],['SORT_REGULAR']) %}

but all I get is this error:

array_multisort(): Argument #2 is expected to be an array or a sort flag.

I've also tried:

{% set rides = furniture|multisort(furniture['price'],['SORT_DESC'],['SORT_REGULAR']) %}

but then I get the error:

Key "price" for array with keys "0, 1" does not exist.

I've kind of run out of ideas as to how to tackle it. Thanks.

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Try removing the quotes on 2nd/3rd arguments:

{% set rides = furniture|multisort(furniture['price'],[SORT_DESC],[SORT_REGULAR]) %}

  • Yes that worked although my syntax was wrong so this worked: {% set sorted = furniture|multisort(['price'],[SORT_ASC],[SORT_REGULAR]) %} Thanks very much for your help!!!!!
    – cannon303
    Jul 17, 2019 at 15:18

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