Searching within Control Panel as well as the front-end is not going through all entries. When I try searching in the Content tab I see the pages are listed but when I try to search for the entry it won't give it as a result.

It seems to be only on entries that were created a long time ago.

It seems also that a re-save fixes the problem, but doing that for 10K+ entries is a pain. Hope you can help me to do something like Rebuild Search Indexes that was possible before 3.2.2.

Thank you!


You can use the craft resave/entries console command and it will (among other things) update the search index table with the latest information for your entries.

  • Thank you, that worked! Is this also possible for Entries within a plugin like Calendar (docs.solspace.com/craft/calendar/v2)? Because everything seems to be resaved but not the entries (activities) within this plugin. Jul 18 '19 at 12:39
  • Also manually saving such an event doesn't trigger updating the search index table. So therefore I have no way of fixing this here. Jul 18 '19 at 12:48

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