I've got Craft 3.1.32 up and running on dev machines and we're ready to get it into our test/stage enviromnments, which are built through a GitLab CI/CD. While doing this, we noticed some plugins wouldn't install and would throw a composer error:

craft/plugins/[plugin-name]/ does not exist and could not be created.

Now, craft/plugins is the Craft 2 location for plugins, and that directory doesn't exist in Craft 3, right? I see there's a file that gets created called /vendor/composer/installers/src/Composer/Installers/CraftInstaller.php that has a reference to craft/plugins/{$name} so I'm guessing that this file is being invoked to do some quick stuff to clean the plugin name. But I'm not sure what the directory is really doing.

Any ideas?

EDIT: It looks like there's a nice file within the composer/composer repo that dates back to Craft 2: See CraftInstaller.php in GitHub that is pointing at old directories

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I found the real root cause. A internal business plugin which I migrated from Craft 2 to Craft 3 had a composer.json file which required composer/installers and that little bugger was mucking up the whole thing. So if you find that in your composer.lock file for Craft 3, go in deep and find it!

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