We have many sites and several sites are order by groups.

For Entries, we have setup Sections to "Save entries to all sites enabled for this section", so every Site has the same entries, and we can translate them.

We then need to have some standalone pages on some of the sites only. This is normal with multi-language sites, to have a page just available in Germany for example.

To achieve this I am assuming I will have to create a new Section and set it to "Save entries to the site they were created in", because it cant be done with the setting "Save entries to all sites enabled for this section"

We are going to need to do the same for Commerce Products.

But for products or product types, I see no such options. At the moment they are showing all products globally. So if I add a new product on one site its added on all sites.

How can we add a separate products on one site only, but maintain the majority of products saving to all sites?


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