To clarify; if I have a disabled variant, and I'm looping through categories (colors) on each product like {% for variantColor in variantColors %}...{% endfor %} which makes it still show up in the list of colors.

Is there a way to, in that for loop, check if the variant it's connected to is enabled/disabled and then disregard, similar to {% for variant in variants if variant.enabled %}?

  • Just wanted to mention that I solved this within the module I've built to handle product types with categories, but would be great to know how to do this in Twig as opposed to PHP.
    – Anders
    Jun 25, 2019 at 4:09

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yes, you could filter the variants for the status enabled to output only the enabled variants of the product.

 {% set products = craft.products.all() %}
 {% for product in products %}
     {{ product.title }} <br>
     {% set variants = product.variants|filterByValue('enabled', "1") %}
     {%- for purchasable in variants -%}
          {{ purchasable.id }} - {{ purchasable.description }} - {{ purchasable.price }}<br>
     {%- endfor -%}
 {% endfor %}

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