I'm wondering about using a config/volumes.php file to specify volume aliases (instead of putting them in config/general.php). There's a comment in a previous codebase mentioning https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/config/#overriding-volume-settings but that seems to have been removed and now we can't find documentation about creating additional config files.

I see this somewhat related post and that @robin-schambach posted with a suggestion to put volume aliases alongside of other ones in config/general.php.

Craft 3: how can I set dynamic Base URL in sites setting?

So, is it best practice to create a config/volumes.php just for volume aliases or should they be kept in config/general.php?


Ah, the power of commit history.

@brandon-kelly removed the volumes config section from the v3 docs back in February, mentioning

Environment variables solve the same problem better.

So it seems that the best practice is to create volume aliases in config/general.php.

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