Can we render some particular field from our FreeForm plugin ?

If yes, how can we achieve it ?


To pull an individual field from a form, use the form.get("myFieldHandle") method.

Simple example using the field.render() method:

{% set form = craft.freeform.form("myFormHandle") %}

{{ form.get("firstName").render() }}

Or a more custom example:

{% set form = craft.freeform.form("myFormHandle") %}
{% set firstName = form.get("firstName") %}

<label>{{ firstName.label }}</label>
<input name="{{ firstName.handle }}" value="{{ firstName.value }}" />
{{ firstName.renderErrors() }}

Examples from Freeform documentation

Note from the Freeform's docs:

When using with HTML blocks or Submit buttons, use the hash value provided in property editor in Composer as the handle. Example code would look like: {{ form.get('Ajx7jNxXL').render }}

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